Master Systems Integrator

As a Master Systems Integrator, Convergentz integrates IT and traditional building system functions to increase real estate value and establish market differentiation for stakeholders. Convergentz assists with design and construction as required to achieve the highest level of personal and business goals.

We lay the groundwork to design and install systems that will interact with and communicate over one IP based network. This secure, flexible, and scalable network reduces your CAPEX and OPEX by replacing disparate networks for the communications, security, and building automation systems.

The technologies available today make it possible to re-think space utilization; and achieve higher occupancy or revenue per square foot, while optimizing productivity and effectiveness of everyone that is using the environment. We want to help you put forward a comprehensive IP communications solution in support of innovative space planning and optimized utilization.

Commitment to Safety

Convergentz has adopted a behavior based Loss Prevention System (LPS) as our corporate safety standard. The LPS is a simple set of seven tools that work together to prevent or reduce losses (injury/assets) using behavior based tools and proven management techniques. All personnel are required to complete annual LPS certification and attend monthly safety training conducted by our corporate Safety Coordinator.